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A method for performing the localization of a new virtual image by modification of the image binary file during the deployment phase Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230936D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-18
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Disclosed is a method for performing localization of a virtual image during image deployment. The localization operates at hypervisor level and focuses on I/O analysis to overcome disadvantages of many existing solutions.

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A method for performing the localization of a new virtual image by modification of the image binary file during the deployment phase

In a server farm environment, current deployment solutions for private cloud environments replicate an image and then apply environment-specific fixup to localize the image after it has been applied to a new machine. This process of localization is performed by scripts run by the OS on the new virtual image. This has a number of disadvantages:

The speed at which a new image can be made ready is gated by the extra step of running the


activation steps on the fully-deployed file system (i.e., subject to the same I/O constraints as any other program running on the virtual OS).

Scripts are dependent on the operating system and/or scripting languages available. Multiple,


OS-specific copies of a script may be required, and/or having software installed on the image that is unnecessary to the primary purpose of the new image (e.g., a script interpreter that is only used at activation).

The new virtual file system is "touched" twice by the process; once when it is initialized by the



hypervisor and again during the activation sequence.

Passwords and other sensitive information is exposed to the person creating the new

deployment. There is no separation of roles between the person deploying the system and the person who will ultimately make use of it.

The localization scripts rely on the script developer to ensure completeness, making sure that no


required fixup is missed during the localization process. This can be error prone and tedious to get right.

This invention proposes a system that overcomes these limitations.

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virtual image activation binary level

Patent covering the life cycle and use of an OVA-like file and how images can be deconstructed and assembled in a composable fashion. Likewise, the focus of the image activation is also on script composition.

Designing and building virtual images using semantically rich composable software image bundles

This idea could be applied in this context, but is not covered by this patent.

virtual image activation discovery

Method, system and computer program product for solution replication

Patent covering image deployment by using independent values + configuration constraints to populate dependent values at image deployment. It also includes a means of discovering the configuration model over a plurality of systems in creating these sets of values.

This idea does not cover how the activation is performed, only that is done by supplying values for the independent set in order to derive the dependent values and then replicate the system. This invention is this disclosed article is not impacted by this prior art.


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