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The method and system of streetlight energy control

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230993D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-22
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This disclosure targeted at the energy saving of the streetlights in school yards or inhabitant yard. A system and method which can count the objects appearing in the region guarded by a pair of streetlights is described here.

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The method and system of streetlight energy control

For some environment, such as the school yard or the housing estate, the streetlights lighting for the whole night is a great waste of energy. This disclosure is targeted at this scenario, and describe a method and system of controlling the lighting and dousing or adjusting the lightness to save the energy.

This disclosure based on the following hypothesis: The streetlight will be connected using the wireless communication technology. The invention points are: 1) Detecting the direction of the object's movement. 2) Counting the objects appearing in the region guarded by the 2 streetlights. Comparing with other disclosure, this method doesn't depend on the velocity of the object


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Chart: how the method and the system works.

1) Device that detects the pass and the direction of an object. The design is targeted at people passes the road at it best, but it still applies to other objects, such as cars.


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a) It can detect a person passing by.

There are several devices on the pole of the street light. The number of them depends on the width of the street: |OF|. The height of OC is about

1.6 meters such that when a person of average height can detected by the infrared ray. The width of OD which equals to DE and EF is about 0.8 meters and almost the shoulder width of an average person, in order that each individual person slices only one infrared ray.

b) It can detect the direction of the movement.

Each of the device issues a group of 2 infrared rays, the angle of them such as HCD are small
indeed, 5 degrees for example, which can just sliced by one person at one time. So if a person slices
BE, then BI, the device knows that the person goes from southwest to northeast, otherwise, it goes in the inverse direction.

2) There is a micro-computer on each of the str...