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A Method and System for Smart transfer in Telematics

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230999D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-22
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Telematics typically is any integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, also known as ICT (Information and Communications Technology), which comprising of much technologies such as sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices in conjunction with affecting control on remote objects. This embodiment covers a system and method in which handle and optimize the message transfer during the vehicle monitor. The described method and system provide the optimization of message transfer frequency based on the different requirement in back system. Especially in adapting the message update frequency of vehicles based on monitor map change actions(zoom in/out...) in the back system.

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A Method and System for Smart transfer in Telematics

Currently, the telematics is becoming more and more popular. And it's one of hottest research area. In the most design of such system, the devices in vehicle should send out/publish the location information(GPS, speed...) to server frequently. Although such settings could be configured by device automatically or manually, such actions/operation is not associate with back system.

1. In some times, the server didn't need vehicle to update data in some frequency. Since lots data will be waste. The device in vehicle update information to back server frequently, E.g. 1msg/10s, 1msg/per mins... but sometimes in monitor map of back system's, there is no locations change since for resolution and scale accuracy.

E.g. A vehicle update its location and speed info for per 10 seconds; but in the monitor map of backsystem; because of map's resolution and scale accuracy, the distance change of 10 second is just mapping to a slight move in the map, there is no need or requirement to update the map. Lots position and speed infos are not mandatory to simulate the position of vehicle, so the frequency of updating info could be changed from 1msg/10s to 1msg/30s( 1mins)...

2. In some times, the server didn't need vehicle to update data in some frequency since the back system could predict and simulate it.

It's known that the highways are always closed in long way until high-speed rest area and exist, andthe vehicle would always move in the average speed such as 90km/h before drive out, in this situations, the backsystem could predict the vehicle's position based on vehicle little position and speed. When vehicle enter into highway, the device could change the update date frequency from 1msg/10s to 1msg/0.5h...

3. In some times, for group position share app, the vehicles need to change update frequency since the distance to each other.

When the two or more vehicles in the position share group getting closer. The vehicle should accelerate the update data frequency for each other to improve the precision in there zoom in map for distinguish each other. And vice versa, when getting away, decelerate the update data frequency for zoom out map.


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The proposed system and method can overcome such the disadvantage such as wasting of data flow for unnecessary high updating frequency, and no high accuracy as low updating frequency. In this way, some useful operation could be done by system automatically.

Build a method and system for device to update/receive data smartly in telematics.

1. Based on back system map's resolution and scale accuracy to adjust the device update and receive operation;

2. Based on the relationship between the vehicles to adjust update/receive operation in location share group.


  1.Optimizing the data flow control during upload and receive. Reduce the unnecessary message flow for cutting communication cost in Telematics, add more message to accurate the vehicle trac...