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An interactive system to verify software translation automatically using a self-updated method

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000231020D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-22
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Translation verification tests takes much time for testers to look for the UI(User Interface) controls, reproduce the steps and repeat steps to verify translation change. The disclosed system is intended to help reduce the total time of translation verification test by mapping the automation scripts and translation verification test cases, and provide guide information during step-by-step automation. In addition, it provides interactive function to update automation scripts automatically according to tester's expectation.

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An interactive system to verify software translation automatically using a self -

-updated method

updated method


Translation verification tests verify the translation of software UI (User Interface) for context accuracy. Current Translation verification test process generally includes :

1. Development team prepares test case with English software (including testing steps, test verification)

2. Translation verification testers (who are translation experts but are not familiar with software functions ) follow the steps in test case to reproduce in language software

3. Translation verification testers verify translation , modify translation when it 's not accurate, and record pass/failure status

4. When modified translation appears in new build , translation verification testers follow the stepsagain in test case , and reverify the translation , and record pass/failure status


1. Current translation verification tests process takes much time for tester to reproduce the steps ,with which they are not familiar

2. Translation verification testers reproduce the steps in a translated software UI , while the stepsin test cases usually written in English.(E.g. for step "4. Click the menu item More in the action menu ", testers need to find themenu item "更多" in a Chinese UI by viewing through the UI .)

3. When translation verification testers want to reverify the modified translation , they need to repeat all the steps in test cases again, according to the previous test status

Core Ideas

1. A system to receive automation script and configuration information (e.g. mapping between automation steps and translation verification test cases steps , guide information about when , what, and where it is shown) from development team, then is used by translation verification tester to run automation in software UI step by step in a friendly and guided way (The steps are readable for tester, and there are prompt information provided for tester to understand /find the UI controls that mentioned in the steps )

2. A system to record the step where the translation correction needed , and to record the UI control 's object information and the expected translation, as well as test status and comment , then update automation script accordingly ,so that it could verify translation next time automatically when a re -verification needed for that translation .


1. Time saved, considering translation ver...