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Fixture Platform and Carrier for Gas Isolated Switchgear Disclosure Number: IPCOM000231106D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-27
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Leonardo Sarmiento González: INVENTOR


A fixture platform is part of the floor of a Gas Isolated Switchgear (GIS) container in order to allow the GIS to be assembled outside of the container in a faster and safer way.

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Fixture platform and carrier for Gas Isolated Switchgear

A fixture platform is part of the floor of a container for Gas Isolated Switchgear (GIS), in order to allow for a faster and safer assembly of the GIS outside the container. The marriage between the container and the platform achieves a quick container assembly. This solution reduces material handling costs, as well as the personnel resources required for the assembly and introduction of the GIS inside the container.


transport for container

transport for assembled GIS