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Underfill Limit Feature for Organic Laminate Chip Carrier Disclosure Number: IPCOM000231116D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-27

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In the area of electronics packaging that includes flip chip die and organic packages, underfill is typically dispensed under the die during the assembly process. How does one assess underfill position relative to a limit? Known industry practices are used for small quantities of measurements, but these are too expensive to be used in high volume manufacturing. The use of an indicator in the soldermask of the package’s laminate can speed production and lower costs. Preparing the indicator in a curved shape, especially a shape that mimics the underfill’s natural spreading geometry, maximizes the underfill-free area that is made ready for lid attach adhesive. Increasing the lid attach area is desirable where the lid-to-laminate connection is a significant heat transfer path.