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Compact Exhaust Selection Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000231120D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-27
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Original patent introduced a means to remove tool induced static pressure incursions a facilities ventilation system that requires stable static pressure. Today's equipment has moved the ventilitation hardware out-board. This introduces an additional problem, distance. Expansion of patent 7354874 discloses a means to merge individual components by utilizing the original novel idea through inverting the effluent and shunt flow paths...

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Compact Exhaust Selection Control

Extension of prior submission, US Patent 7354874 Issued 4/7/2008

Current technique shown in figure 1, occupies large area preventing close proximity to gain optimal control of effluent release


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Figure 1

Compact design shown in figure 2, prevents in-compatible species from mixing and forming salt crystals...

Incorporates shunt flow make up duct shown in figure 3, within the operating valve.


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Figure 2

Option shown in figure 3, cascade them to allow multiple species of effluent selectable dependant on tool processing state.

Figure 3