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Field of view Focus Ring Disclosure Number: IPCOM000231461D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-30

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Abstract: A lens on a PIR occupancy sensor has a calculated focal length. This design takes advantage of the natural focal shift due to the PIR cell position. If the detector position is moved closer or farther away from the true lens focal point it will change the focus of the detector and allow for different mounting positions without changing the lens. The goal of this design is to incorporate a radial positioning mechanism to rotate the out casing to adjust the distance between the detector and the lens. What is Novel: In the existing occupancy sensor devices it is required to have multiple lenses to facilitate adequate focus at different mounting heights using the same detector position. This design makes the appropriate changes to the detection position by rotating the housing along a set of notches designed at a specific angle to facilitate the change in position required to shift the focus of the lens away from the detector. The set of notches will be repeated around the housing enough times to keep the lens perpendicular to the detector face. A sample of set of notches is shown below. There must be a corresponding stud on the cover portion to lock in the notches. This system can be incorporated into the attachment mechanism of the cover. Each notch must correspond to a different recommended mounting height for installation of the device.