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Method and System for creating an interactive online application documentation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000231555D
Publication Date: 2013-Oct-07
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Disclosed is a software to mege the User Manual and Web Applications in just one web page. In this way it is possible to use the web application "as usual" and read the User Manual in the same web pages, Figure 1.

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Method and System for creating an interactive online application documentation

A software can be created using Objects Oriented technology. Two main objects could be:

1) a web browser , where a Web Application is displayed (HTML icon in the figure below)

2) a transparent layer on top of the web browser where the pictures are layed (XML icon in the figure below)

An external XML file (published on local or remote web server) keeps all keywords used to merge each web page with pictures that depict arrows or any text to help the User to understand better what the web page does.

The software has been designed to do two different actions, it depends of your

UserID :

1) To create a new User Manual (Publisher)

2) To use as a User Manual (User)

When you want to create a new User Manual you have many functions to detect the keys (URL or part of it, any special words into html source) to join each single web page with all pictures usually used in a User Manual that now are displayed directly on the web pages.

Web Application and pictures are always into two different layers and never mixed between them; consequently, it is possible to upgrade the User Manual just pressing the Refresh button.

The advantage of the solution is that it dramatically improves the User Manual style and makes it easy to work with web applications; as it avoids distractions during critical operations this is very helpful.

Every time the software loads a new web page the software checks if there is...