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Smart and predictive web browser caching system. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000231890D
Publication Date: 2013-Oct-11
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Disclosed is a smart web browser caching system based on predictive models of daily activities and personal agenda and calendar.

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Smart and predictive web browser caching system.

The volume of information that exists on the Internet (and continues to increase) causes query delays, especially on Web browsers. In addition, the available information is continually increasing in potency; therefore, in the future, users will require stronger servers and clients or new methods for quickly accessing information.

One known approach to the problem is the implementation of predicting models that determine queries based on user queries stored in the system. Other methods manage cache based on a general history of a user's actions.

The novel contribution is a smart web browser caching management system based on predictive models of a user's daily activities and/or agenda/calendar analysis. Daily activities include the common daily actions of a user, such as assisting at a conference, visiting a specific location, listening to conversations, reading articles, etc. The system incorporates methods and technologies for voice analysis and eye tracking to obtain information. This information is then saved to any mobile device, such as a smart phone. The browser includes "marks" for cached data, which can

be search results from meta-browsers, links inside a page, etc. The system then performs an automatic "collected information->web browser" integration.

The logic of the method improves web browsing, avoiding the need to implement costly solutions in the physical servers or clients terminals.


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