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Battery Power Surge Suppression for Mobile Printing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000231945D
Publication Date: 2013-Oct-17
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Supplementing Battery Power in Mobile Printing using Super- Capacitors

    High power demands in battery powered printers may create challenges for optimizing battery size and capacity with the intermittent high power draw. Batteries configured to adequately address high-power draws may not be efficiently sized for steady-state use while batteries configured for steady-state use may not adequately supply the intermittent high-power draws. This issue is further exacerbated by the demand for extreme temperature performance (- 20oC to 50oC). Because typical battery cells are not capable of supplying the instantaneous power required by mobile print engines, degradation can be observed in both print quality and platform stability. Battery performance, including the maximum current draw and voltage drop the battery provides, typically varies based on the operating temperature of the battery. In addition, the amount of power required for a thermal printhead to image a direct thermal media or to image a thermal ribbon, will vary based on the operating temperature of the printhead, the ribbon, and the paper or other print media. Designing or selecting a battery capable of meeting both power and thermal requirements may lead to a compromise in the power or thermal performance of the battery.

    Developments in electric double layer capacitors (i.e., super capacitors) have allowed for increased energy densities to be stored outside of a chemical reaction (i.e., a battery cell). W...