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Method and system of resized image display in mobile device based on image viewing coverage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000232153D
Publication Date: 2013-Oct-21
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A program is disclosed by which system will gather historical image viewing pattern of different user and will identify the area of the image which is mostly viewed by different people. While opening such image in small screen mobile device system will consider the mostly viewed area in the full screen mode, so user can view the image with larger area. User will have option to set the viewing coverage percentage and accordingly, the image will be displayed in small screen mobile device, for example, user wants to video the images area which has more than 80% viewing coverage.

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Method and system of resized image display in mobile device based on image viewing coverage

The viewing coverage area of photograph varies from one photograph to another photograph, also one portion of photograph to another portion. Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about viewing coverage varies from one portion to another portion. In this case, viewing coverage mean, user's viewing concentration, basically, how many percentage of area of any image is viewed by different people. Every portion of any image is not equally viewed by different people.

Figure 1

More viewing coverage area mean more people has looked at the image portion, every image does not have same percentage of area coverage. In highest percentage coverage image, every portion has been viewed, and in less percentage coverage image, every portion is not viewed properly.

In small screen mobile device, a better method of displaying images is needed.

Camera based device will continuously track user's focus direction and will store the captured information in the metadata of the file. Basically, portion of image, with co-ordinate information.

This method can be used for locally saved files (in local device)also in remote server

Following diagram (Figure 2) talks about how the historical image viewing coverage data can be used to display image in s small mobile device screen. Based on user's setting mostly viewed area will cover the entire screen. So User can have a better view of the image.


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