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Method and system for control of one or more electronic devices based on contextual meaning of gesture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000232223D
Publication Date: 2013-Oct-27
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Disclosed are a system and method that allow a user of electronic devices to simultaneously control the settings of a primary and a secondary device(s) based on user gestures. The system and method interpret the gesture based on the context of the situation, and then execute one action on the primary device and the opposite or a different action on the secondary device(s).

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Method and system for control of one or more electronic devices based on contextual meaning of gesture

Methods and technologies exist that enable users to separately control individual electronic devices, such as television or stereo systems, using gestures. Within the contextual meanings of gestures, commands can be different for different devices.

Figure 1 illustrates one relative meaning of gesture in this context. In this example, the user is watching a football match on TV and listening to a song on the stereo system. Both the devices are placed in a different direction relative to the user.

Figure 1: User is watching television while listening to music

While performing a gesture for one device, a user may want to perform another gesture to control another device. Per the above example, the user performs a gesture to increase the television volume, and wants to reduce the volume of the stereo system. It might be cumbersome or awkward for a user to control each device with separate gestures. A mechanism is needed by which the user can perform a single gesture and

the system can identify the contextual meaning of the gesture and accordingly and simultaneously control each device. In this example, a user needs to increase the volume of the television, and decrease the volume of the stereo.

The novel system and method address the contextual meaning of gesture and the ability to simultaneously perform different actions on different devices. The system and method begin by determining the facial direction of the user as well as the gesture the user performed. Accordingly, the invention identifies the primary devices and


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secondary devices. In this case, the primary device is identified based on the direction of the performed gesture and other devices are deemed secondary devices.

In this case, the contextual meaning is that the user is being disturbed by the sound of the stereo system and therefore wants to reduce the volume of the music. Based on the context of the gestu...