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Proximity-Based Electronic Device Password System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000232262D
Publication Date: 2013-Oct-29
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Disclosed is a system that automatically unlocks a device based on its proximity to other “friendly” devices, which indicate that both the user and the device are in a secure location. The system incorporates wireless capabilities with methods for devices to send and receive signals, so that the system can determine when the device is in a safe area in which to be in an unlocked mode.

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Proximity-Based Electronic Device Password System

It can be irritating to continually log in to a secured device just because it is not used frequently enough. An existing solution is for a user to manually disable/re-enable passwords for designated periods (e.g., when the device is in the user's possession and not at risk of being lost or stolen). This is often tedious and time consuming to constantly be resetting user preferences. An additional negative aspect of toggling password settings is the added potential to forget to reinitiate the password, leaving the device vulnerable.

The solution is a system to use proximity to other, presumably "friendly" devices, as a means to select from varying strengths of passwords or policies. The system is implemented as a smart feature on devices common to living/traveling/working environments where the device is generally safe. This feature allows portable devices to recognize when located in a trusted environment, via recognized trusted (i.e., "friendly") devices, and then automatically unlock or reduce the password requirements.

A wireless network (e.g., Bluetooth*, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Wi-Fi, etc.) is utilized to allow devices that have the ability to access the network (i.e., smart) to recognize one another. The system uses two types of devices: one that emits a discoverable signal and another that detects the signals. The detecting device is the portable device that has the smart password feature e...