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Process and apparatus for mobile device history logger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000232297D
Publication Date: 2013-Oct-30
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Process and apparatus for mobile device history logger.

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Process and apparatus for mobile device history logger

The problem trying to solve is the ability to view, save and if needed back out changes a user made to mobile apps and the OS itself. Currently there is no history logs for mobile devices since it is all done through a UI and a user does not type commands. If system and application settings have been changed by the user or automatically by an app, then it is almost impossible to retrieve back what has been changed in terms due to many nested layers of settings. A user could revert to the previous day with current solutions like iCloud* backup and restore, however many times users are making many systems changes in a day and with backup and restore users lose all days setting changes and also any new data files would be lost for the day. The proposed invention is to have a mobile device history logger.

Another advantage of the proposed invention is that the OS and application developers could collect this data (if a user opts in) to be used to understand how people are using the device or to debug problems. For example, it could automatically take the history log which could be compared to a DB of history logs to try and identify trends that may break an application or OS.

The challenging part on mobile device is that user does not type commands through an interface. However, through programming APIs, this invention could handle all the callback functions when a setting is changed, then log the event and date and serialized it to a file. Once the file is created it could retrieve information back from the file and display back to user through a mobile device interface. This would require that the applications and OS support a standard for the logging. When a user installs an application it would also tell the OS if it supports the history logging. If it doesn't a warning could be given to the user so they understand setting change retrieval isn't available with this app.

In addition, since a mobile device has single and a smaller screen which makes it challenging to show history, this invention also could have REST APIs to let a user define a storage space and save all the history logs into a different specified location. This could be used in conjunction with something like iCloud backup and restore to do an incremental restore on specified apps only. A user could then use another device to display history in the cloud and compare and make changes on their mobile...