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Phone location monitor within vehicle to prevent texting while driving Disclosure Number: IPCOM000232354D
Publication Date: 2013-Nov-03
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Disclosed is a monitoring system within a vehicle that operates in conjunction with an embedded application on a cellular phone to identify whether the phone is in proximity to the driver, and then accordingly deactivate functions such as texting, calling, web searching, etc.

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Phone location monitor within vehicle to prevent texting while driving

Texting while driving or driving without a hands-free phone device is unsafe and often illegal. Current technology does not allow for differentiation of the location of a cell phone while a vehicle is in motion. Thus, a passenger and driver cannot be differentiated to automatically prevent unsafe phone usage while driving. In addition, when state boundaries are crossed, the rule regarding cells phones change, and drivers may not be aware of these differences between states. Parents may also wish to block certain types of cell phone usage while a child is a driver versus being a passenger in a motor vehicle. Intelligent vehicle sensors and smart phone applications can be added to allow automatic enforcement of these rules.

The novel contribution is a monitoring system that places sensors within the car that determine the location of the cell phone. If the cell phone is determined to be within certain proximity of the steering wheel, then the system determines that the cell phone belongs to the driver. An added phone application or embedded function within the cell phone operating system is then used in

conjunction with the sensors to determine the allowable functions for the cell phone. The Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of the phone are used to determine the allowable and blocked functions.

The system uses monitors within the vehicle placed at each passenger location. These sensors monitor for cell phone signals, Bluetooth* signals, or other electronic signatures emitted from the cell phone. Based on the signal strength, the system calculates the phone location to determine if it is within standard reach of the driver. If the cell phone is within the d...