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One method to build trusted 2D barcode Disclosure Number: IPCOM000232543D
Publication Date: 2013-Nov-15
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This is one simple method to create trusted 2D barcode, such as QR code. So that end user can verify the barcode content through mobile device online or offline. The trusted 2D barcode can be used in mobile cermerce or other industry to delivery trusted information.

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One method to build trusted 2

2D barcode is very important in mobile payment and mobile commerce. But the 2D barcode is very easy to be altered. For example, in offline status, if you scan one product barcode, someone may forge the barcode and using another price to cheat you or merchant.

Use public/private key digital signature technology to verify 2D barcode content


-1 , Get the summary from original message by using hash or other algorithm

-2, Using private key encrypt the summary

-3, Create barcode including the original message and encrypted summary

-4, Read the barcode by scanner or smart phone, the content should include message and the encrypted summary;

-5, Get the summary from the message using same algorithm as 1ststep;

-6, Using public key decrypt the encrypted summary that read from 4thstept

-7, Compare the result of 5thstep and 6thstep, if they are equally , the 2D barcode is the original one, otherwise the barcode is altered

22D barcode D barcode


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