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Fatigue life testing with Water and Alternating Temperatures for Composite Components Disclosure Number: IPCOM000232574D
Publication Date: 2013-Nov-18
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Composite Component Fatigue Life Test with Water and Alternating Temperatures

Many automotive underbody chassis components will experience water soaking often combined with temperature changes in cold winters. If damage in the component exists, the water might fill the damaged area or crack. Once the temperature drops below the freezing point, the any trapped water will become ice, which has a bigger volume than its liquid water equivalent. The volume expansion will create a force with the potential to enlarge the existing defect or crack. Most composite components are made of fiber reinforced polymers. One typical failure mode of those components is the delamination or separation of fiber and resin. When a small damage or crack is initiated in the resin during service, the propagation of the crack could be the source of component failure. Water soaked components with slight damage locations coupled with freezing temperatures could be a severe condition for composite chassis component durability. Investigation of composite components fatigue life considering water soaking and freezing conditions is necessary to support design decisions.

A test method is proposed to quantify fatigue life change of composite components with water soaking and alternating temperatures. It is an addition to the current corrosion fatigue procedures used to test the durability capacity of steel chassis components.


Start the test and evaluation of the corrosion fatigue life of fiber reinforced composite components following the procedures designed for steel components. Suspend the fatigue test when failure or crack initiation is detected.

Divide the samples in to two groups labeled as group one and group two.

Component fatigue life without water and temperature alternation - group one

Complete the fatigue test on sample...