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System to automatically run tests in remote environments Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233127D
Publication Date: 2013-Nov-25
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This article describes an automation solution for tests execution in different, remote environments, what can improve and make better the whole qualification process.

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System to automatically run tests in remote environments

Disclosed is a solution to automatically runt tests in remote environments. Basically test frameworks does not allow to run tests if test machines are located in different locations and networks with restricted security policies. It does not also allow performing test environments health check and there is no support for automated test executions management in the test environment. All this disadvantages make Rational Quality Management unable to fully support automated tests execution on different test machines and environments.

While using proposed solution it is possible to execute automated tests directly from RQM on the test machines, even if they are in different locations or networks with restricted security policies. Solution should be installed on machines named local management servers, which must have access to the RQM Central Production Server. Solution is transparent for any environment, where is deployed - no changes on the test machines are made (except those caused by 'normal' test execution). There are only standard operating system commands used during automated execution in test environment.

The main advantages of the solution are:

Innovation of our solution has embedded system health check mechanics


In our idea tasks are synchronisation, so there is no situation where two tests are


executed on one machine

Task management and synchronisation on system test level


All of required test harness are download directly to the machine from central test



Information about build is added to result automatically


No affection on the tests and test environments (any files has not been changed


Possibility to handle another test frameworks by using simple scripts.


How the solution works? - Figure

User login to System to Central Production Server.


Test Execution Record being defined and run.