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Determining appropriate trace string from exception stack to catch trace of second failure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233181D
Publication Date: 2013-Nov-28
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This article describes utilising data in method stacks and surrounding information in first failure event reports to automatically generate appropriate trace strings and potentially configure other data gathering mechanisms to ensure appropriate diagnostic data is collected on subsequent equivalent failures.

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Determining appropriate trace string from exception stack to catch trace of second failure

It is often the case that following a first failure event additional trace / debug information would be requested by support teams to diagnose and resolve the issue experienced. This typically requires logging a problem with the support team,

waiting for an appropriate representative to review the data before requesting a

recreate of the problem and additional data. This process takes time, and issues could be temporal - it may not be easy to recreate a problem (especially in a production environment).

    The present disclosure proposes dynamic analysis of the first failure event and exception stack to determine appropriate trace / debug options to capture the relevant data required by support engineers to fully diagnose the problem.

The disclosed technique would identify and extract method stacks / package names through known pattern matching and context search technologies. Once these have been identified additional analysis would be performed to extract all fully qualified class names / package structures into a list. An example would be:

[16/03/13 12:15:04:425 GMT] FFDC Exception:java.lang.NullPointerException ProbeId:157

at org.apache.soap.server.ServerUtils.readEnvelopeFromInputStream(
==> Performing default dump from :Sat Mar 16 12:15:04 GMT 2013 IntrospectDepth set from:3 to: 5
Dump of callerThis:null
IntrospectDepth reset to:3
+Data for directive [defaultconnector] obtained.:
==> Dump complete for :Sat Mar 16 12:15:04 GMT 2013

Is analysed and the fo...