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A new method to improve usability of smart phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233214D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-02
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A method to improve usability of the keyboard on smart phone, the character of the keyboard will be enlarged when eyes focus on it.

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A new method to improve usability of smart phone

Nowadays, Smart phone is more and more popular, people useit to go through internet, read/reply emails, etc. But there is a limitation of the smart phone - the screen is small, and it is inconvenient for user to input something with the keyboard on the smart phone screen.

As the picture below, it is a little difficult for user to get the letter that she/he needs - one finger will cover two letters. Sometimes, you will input the wrong letter.


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Fig. 1 Normal keyboard

The core idea of this invention is that:

a) Detecting the letters on keyboard that user was looking at, these letters should be the ones that user want to input.

b) Enlarge these letters, and it is convenient for user to select them.

The result is as below, when user looking at the letter "f', it is enlarged, one finger will only cover one letter, it is easy for user to select the right letter - "f"


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Fig. 2 Enlarged keyboard

Fig. 3 illustrates the logic components of our invention framework.


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Fig. 3 How to enlarge the needed letters.

Below is the detail explanation of this framework and how it works.


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a) When the keyboard feature of a smart phone is enabled, the camera will monitor user's eyes and detect the focus (line 1). (there are already some ways for camera to monitor eyes and get the focus, see "Optical tracking" section in

b) If the focus is on...