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Delayed Flight - Dynamic Notification & recommended task to accomplish based on the time/resource Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233266D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-04
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Disclosed is a method to enhance a flight delay notification with a list of recommended activities that a specific user can do during the time delay. The activities are drawn from user's to do list, project assignment and activity streams in social networks. The activities are prioritized based on resources available in the user's current location and time available to the user.

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Delayed Flight - Dynamic Notification & recommended task to accomplish based on the time/resource

Existing flight delay notification methods notify a user about delays in their travel itinerary but fail to help the users determine the best task to do during the delayed time. Disclosed is a method that enhances a flight delay notification with a prioritized list of tasks that can be completed by a user in the unexpected time that has become available to them. This helps the user narrow down the tasks to a list that can be accomplished based on the available time and resource constraints.


1) Determine the available time duration.

2) Using the current location, gather a list of available resources. Examples of resources include availability of wireless resources, access to a car and traffic information.

3) Gather a list of tasks to be completed. Activities are gathered from a user's to-do list, activity streams in social networks, emails to be answered and project assignments.

4) Determine time and resources needed to complete a task . Historical data or general estimates of time are used to estimate time needed to complete a task. Alternatively, the user stores data about completed tasks and time taken to complete the task and this information is used to estimate time for similar tasks at a later time.

5) Compute a list of prioritized tasks that can be completed in the available time frame and notify the user.