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Method and System of document display/editing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233309D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-06
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This disclosure invents a new method for document displaying of related parts. Once relationship is built up, when reading document, whenever user scrolls to one part which has related part, related part displays together with current screen, and when user scrolls and there is no related part for current screen, related part disappears.

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Method and System of document display /



In current document software (docs, web pages etc.), in some scenarios, it's not convenient for user to read /edit document:

Scenario 1. I am reading a document, there is a figure(FIG. 1) which is at page 2, see below screenshot. In this figure, there are many blocks(101, 102, 103, 104, 105 etc.), and the workflow between blocks are described .


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Figure 1

and the description of FIG . 1 is at page 10, see below screenshot. In this page, it describes FIG. 1block by block. When I read description of each block , I'll have to go back page 2 where the FIG. 1 is located how it looks likewhich is not convenient and time consuming. When I am reading the description of the figure , I want the figure to be displayed in current page so that I can compare the figure and the description . Current document software doesn 't provide this kind of capability .

FIG.1's Description


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Figure 2

Scenario 2. I am creating a document with a figure and description of the figure , the figure is at page 5, and I am writing the description at page 6, I want the figure displayed at current page to make my figure description easier . Current document software doesn 't provide this kind of capability .

1. Create relationship between one part of document (such as figure) with another(description of the figure , for example).

2. Display the two parts of document in one screen so that it 's easy for user to read/edit document


Provide great convenience for user to read /edit the part of document when another part of doc need to be checked from time to time .


In the implementation, we'll take scenario 1 in Section 1 as an example on how to implement .

1. Create relationship between parts of document

Create relation...