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Solar Cell Module with 3D Floating Image Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233605D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-18
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Solar Cell Modules Having 3D Floating Images are Described.

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Solar Cell Module with 3D Floating Image

    It is sometimes desired to alter the appearance of a photovoltaic device or solar cell. Figure 1 shows a thin film solar cell positioned above a 3D floating image film which is positioned over a backlight. The solar cell is translucent or semi-transparent. Such solar cells can be made by perforating (via laser ablation, for example) a thin film solar cell. The perforations may be random or may be on lattice or may be patterned. The thin film solar cell is positioned between a glass layer and an encapsulant. An ultra-barrier film (UBF) or glass layer may be positioned adjacent the encapsulant. Suitable 3D floating image films include those described in U.S. Patent Application 2013/0065203 and in U.S. Patent 8,459,807, U.S. Patent 7,336,422 and U.S. Patent 6,288,842. A portion of the power generated by the solar cell may be used to power the backlight so that the assembly is self-powered. Such an assembly may have application as a self-powered billboard or may be used in other types of advertisement or as decoration.

Fig. 1

    A multi-layer image that can be used in the floating image film is shown in Figures 2A- 2E. Figures 2A-2D shows individual layers while Figure 2E shows the combined image.

Fig. 2A. Layer 1 (Top) Fig. 2B. Layer 2

Fig. 2C. Layer 3 Fig. 2D. Layer 4





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Fig. 2E. Combined image

    Figure 3 shows a sample made with the design image of Figure 2 in the structure of Figure 1. The backlight...