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Method and Apparatus for Controlled Data Access Services in a Cloud Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233755D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-19
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Disclosed is a type of data brokerage service that enables the sharing of data in a cloud environment. As developers build the data storage systems or applications, the service can be added as another application that allows access to specific data.

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Method and Apparatus for Controlled Data Access Services in a Cloud Environment

A vast amount of available data is maintained within government and private enterprise. In the event that data holders want to make elements of that data available to third parties (i.e., the "outside world"), it is definitely not desirable to simply open the datacenter firewalls to make the information accessible. Methods for duplicating the data outside of the firewall are not feasible for the long term, given the volumes and
rate of change of the information. In addition, some means of tracking who accessed the information is needed, potentially limiting the level of access allowed, as well as limiting the impacts of providing access to the data.

The solution is a "data brokerage service" that acts as an intermediary to the data access in a System of Engagement environment. Components are created to provide an application store (appstore) type environment so that as developers are assembling the applications, the developers can "drag in" a service that provides access to specific data. For example, a town government might want to make available information about the public pool. The data itself might have a wide range of information types, such as pool personnel, water analysis information, water usage, daily visitor use information, etc. Information can also be asset-oriented, such as maintenance information about a specific pump used by the pool. If an external source desires access to that information, then that person is required to contact the information owner, and learn technical specifics about access to the data. Access to the specific types of data can

be limited or opened; the process is quite complex and r...