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Method of uEFI setup menu driver

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233784D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-19
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In current uEFI setup testing, test engineers spent alot of time to verify each setup menu item and option in each test cycle. This process takes 2 to 3 hours for each code drop. Each code drop will extend the total test time in amount and this is a huge effort for manual operation. Thus we propose a method to dynamically generate all the items and options so they can be verified by a tool.

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Method of uEFI setup menu driver

In current uEFI setup menu test, we spend much time to verify setup menu items and reference in each BVT cycle. This test need spend 2 ~ 3 hrs for each code drop. If we have 10 uEFI code drop then we need spend 20 ~ 30 hrs. It is huge effort for uEFI test.

We would like to implement a function to export setup menu items and reference to text file. Then we could verify the text file with compare software. This could help us to reduce test time of setup menu and reference test.

In BIOS age, there had BIOS simulator for service team to simulate every BIOS situation or problem. But in uEFI age, we don't have such tool. So this disclosure could help us to provide similar tool to service team.

1) In current uefi setup test, there is no such method that tester can export all the uefi setup pages to a file or table. Say there is no such automatic test methodology.

2) Current each uefi setup page doesn't know the relationship between the previous page and next page.

3) We would like to propose a idea of developing a wrapper that wraps data and command between uefi code and setup driver which generates the setup page with the following function (i) Log every GUID of each setup page,

(ii) Log the relationship between each setup page that wrapper has walked through

4) We would like to develop a uefi shell application which acts like a robot that can walk through all the setup pages with the following function (i) Automatically walk through a...