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Device for Measuring Alcohol/Drug Content and Determining the Effects Based on an Individual User Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233798D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-20
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Disclosed is a device that can measure alcohol content and/or the prescence of an illegal drug within a drink. The detection of the alcohol content/illegal drug can be relayed back to a user's mobile app and/or an establishment's software. Once detected, a user/establishment can detect a person's blood alcohol content and/or the presence of an illegal drug in their drink and take measures to slow the drinker down from becoming intoxicated and/or from drinking a hazardous drink.

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Device for Measuring Alcohol /

Individual User

The ability to track alcohol consumed either by a consumer or patrons within an establishment is important to determine alcohol content and implications that alcohol consumption leads to. Additionally, drug detection is important to prevent the consumption of drugs that inhibit a person's judgement, such as date rape drugs. One method currently out there is the use of accelerometers that log data based on times a glass is raised. This data, in combination with a timing device that changes an LED, provides a feedback to as to whether consumption should be slowed. This method, though, is somewhat faulty due to someone merely moving around from table to table or even dancing with a glass in their hand.

    The goal of this invention is to directly analyze the alcohol/drug content within a drink and allow it to be tracked over time versus the person consuming the drink. Additionally, this invention would allow the drinking party to track their drinks as a means to cut themselves off or slow them down from becoming intoxicated.

    The core idea of this invention is a follows: A device called Paired Analytic Intelligent Instrument Receiver (PAIIR) is utilized for measuring alcohol content and/or the identification of a date rape drug. This will monitor for alcohol consumption over time or to alert a server and/or app user of the potential danger of their drink. The device consists of analytical equipment known to those in the art such as liquid chromatography, mass spec., refractive index, and/or uv-vis to allow for the detection of the desired analysis. Within this device, there will be wireless communication devices to alert the consumer through mobile devices and/or the server through the establishment's softwar...