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ASIC Bit error-rate (BER) Checker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233807D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-23
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This disclosure describe ASIC Bit error-rate (BER) Checker

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BER checker is a component of Eye monitor

(Previous) Bit checker issues

New bit checker architecture

Control scheme

Position selection

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Eye monitor overview


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(Previous) Bit checker issues

Error not accurate

Can be optimized

Nbit adder needed in upper level

Reset should be handled carefully

Async counter may violate timing at higher speed


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New bit checker architecture

Cycle counter is 48bit

Enough for test 0.5E-15 BER (1 cycle == 2 UI)

When error counter saturate, it'll stop cycle counter automatically

Register IF between BER checker and upper logic

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Control scheme

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Position selection

For each PI code, there're one or two "good position" (sel_2nd can be 1/0)

Correlation between "PI code change" and "selection change"

May just need to check two position