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Method and system to optimize matches at junction points. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233899D
Publication Date: 2013-Dec-27
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This method described in this article is aimed to increase the efficiency of a public transportation infrastructure by providing a system that is capable to optimize the timing and exchange at junction points.

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Method and system to optimize matches at junction points .

Certain transport media have strict timing (local trains), others offer a time window or a departure from the line start every so much minutes (buses). External elements such as traffic conditions and weather conditions provide a good degree of interference as well as transport media failure.

The solution disclosed hereunder leveragesdevices like Smart phone and Tablet PCs to allow both a Passenger (the Requestor that has to meet the transport media) and a Bus (the transport media that has to service the requestors) to be mutually aware of the intention to meet at junction point (points where the requestor meets the carrier).

The proposed solution is based on a a peer-to-peer network where every bus device knows the homologous route and position and every agent device can calculate its route and can reserve a bus without asking a centralized server for bus information. A user Passenger has a device with the agent software installed. As the device is initialized the device position is first determined leveraging known technologies such as GPS. A peer-to-peer communication process is used to keep the Passenger and the Bus in contact in order to schedule reservation and to dynamically adjust the departure time so to allow for a higher number of passengers.

How the Carrier (Bus Agent) Adopts Behaviors to optimize the efficiency at Junction points (Bus stops)

In the proposed solution the actual departure tim...