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Nipple Protector for Frac Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233955D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-03
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Current designs of nipple protectors have slots cut in the collet. During a hydraulic fracturing operation, it becomes possible for proppant to accumulate behind the slot. This may result in the nipple protector becoming stuck, causing difficulty in retrieval. The profile being exposed to proppant could also be subjected to flow jetting erosion. This publication describes techniques of keeping proppant out of a nipple profile when a nipple protector is set in place. Two methods are described below to illustrate how this is achieved. In this first design, the material is inserted and attached on the inside of the collet of a nipple protector, filtering proppant while allowing the collet to function normally. In this second design, the material is attached on the outside of the collet, filtering proppant from coming in contact with the nipple profile.

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Nipple Protector for Frac


Current designs of nipple protectors have slots cut in the collet. During a hydraulic fracturing operation,  it becomes possible for proppant to accumulate behind the slot. This may result in the nipple protector  becoming stuck, causing difficulty in retrieval. The profile being exposed to proppant could also be  subjected to flow jetting erosion. 

Enabling Description

This publication describes techniques of keeping proppant out of a nipple profile when a nipple  protector is set in place. Two methods are described below to illustrate how this is achieved. 

Method 1: Inside of Collet


Locating nipple profile 

Material placed on  inside of profile‐locating  collet to restrict the  proppant. Material  could be wire mesh,  molded rubber, or ring  of spring type material. 

Typical 1‐piece nipple  protector 

In this first design, the material is inserted and attached on the inside of the collet of a nipple protector,  filtering proppant while allowing the collet to function normally. 

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Method 2: Outside of Collet


Material is on outside  of collet of nipple  protector. Material  could be the same as  on inside.


In this second design, the material is attached on the outside of the collet, filtering proppant from  comin...