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Virtual Shared Storage for local area Mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233967D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-06
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This disclosure provides a method (which is called as "virtual shared storage") that enable mobile devices automatically share the storage among the detected mobile devices in a local area. With a VSS, mobile devices can flexibly and instantly use the storage in different mobile devices and easily manage the storage, so it resolves the storage limitation problem in a single mobile devices by automatically setup a local virtual autonomy storage cloud.

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Virtual Shared Storage for local area Mobile devices


Nowadays, intelligent mobile phone has been indispensable for everyone's daily life. A wonderful time, scene, or wonderful books is upcoming; mobile phone couldn't be more direct device to record, a big challenge here is that once your iPhone couldn't do that because of the full storage. Meanwhile another big challenge is that your mobile phone couldn't connect to Internet the mobile couldn't backup the favorite resources when it has been full stored. As it is, the mobile storage has been an important issue regularly. Thus, the mobile storage resolution has been a significant necessity in wide currency.

Core idea:

Different mobile devices (smart phones, pads, etc) automatically setup a local virtual autonomy storage cloud to


share the storage space with others when there are more available mobile devices in a local area. This is called "Virtual Shared Storage", shortly VSS.

The VSS pre-set rules/policies to deal with the storage management and mobile devices check-in and check-out



Claim Points:

Intelligently set up virtual shared storage services among mobile devices.


The device shared storage management policies / rules is customizable.


A autonomy system which doesn't need a centralized server.



Flexibility in storage usage - the shared storage space in different mobile devices expands the storage in a single


mobile device.

Instant availability - Easy to set up timely shared storage with local high speed.



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Seamless service - No storage space limitation which let upper applications and user almost don't care the storage limitation on some situations.

Management convenience and high efficiency - an autonomy storage cloud leverages the storage among mobile devices and provide an unified storage management method.

Workflow for the invention:

Mobile devices user enables the Virtual Shared Storage (VSS) on the mobile device. The VSS take over the storage


management according to the pre-set policies/rules. The VSS contains a Inte...