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Containers for surgical instrumentation

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233977D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-06
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The invention relates to containers for surgical instrumentation and in particular to containers including documentation relating to the surgical instrumentation.

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Surgical Container

The present invention relates to containers for surgical instrumentation and in particular to containers including documentation relating to the surgical instrumentation.

It is generally known to provide printed information about surgical apparatus.  For example a printed sticker has been provided attached to an outer surface of a hinged transparent lid of a container for surgical apparatus.  An underside of the sticker bears illustrations showing use of an instrument held within the contained and which is viewable through the lid of the container when the container is opened to access the surgical apparatus.

It is relatively easy to provide printed information externally to a container for surgical apparatus as there is no need to deal with any issues that might arise from locating the printed information internally to the container.  However, when the information is provided externally to the container, there is a risk that the information will become detached from the container.  As discussed above, this can be partially addressed by sticking the information to the container, but then the information is less easy to view during use of the surgical apparatus as it is securely attached to the lid of the container and so cannot easily be handled or read by a surgeon or nurse.  Further, there is a risk that the sticker will be damaged during handling of the container and so some or the information lost or obscured.

Further, the amount of information that can be provided is limited by the size of the sticker which itself is limited by the size of the lid of the container to which it is adhered.  While information can be provided on both sides of the sticker, it is awkward to try and read the upper side of the sticker as this requires handling of the container which itself may still be holding further surgical items.  Also, there is not much space in the surgical field during a surgical procedure and so handling of a container is difficult in constrained spaces.  Furthermore, handling the container to try and access information causes delays to the surgical procedure which should be avoided for safety or efficiency reasons.

Printed information can be provided in a document separately to the container, but there is then some risk that the printed information will become separated from the container and lost and therefore unavailable when needed.

Hence, it would be beneficial to be able to provide a document bearing information relating to one or more items of surgical apparatus in a more reliable and user friendly manner and which does not interfere with the surgical container’s main purposes.

The present invention does so by adapting a part of the surgical container to include one or more formations of a lid of the container which reliably and releasably retain the document with the container.

A first aspect of the invention provides a surgical container, comprising: a tray having an opening and defining a cavity, th...