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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233985D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-06
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Disclosed is a system for implementing emoticlick buttons as an option for navigation through a web page on which a user lands as the result of launching a search. The emoticlick buttons allow the browser provider to collect user feedback. Each of these navigation buttons has a related user satisfaction meaning in addition to its function for navigation to another page.

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Internet searches sometimes return irrelevant results, which is frustrating to users. It is difficult to determine which results are relevant to the user and which are not, so it is difficult to improve the quality of search results over time or to customize the results for a particular user. Users also sometimes become frustrated with links that do not lead to the desired information. The best available technique for determining

whether the user is satisfied with the search results or link is to provide buttons that

allow the user to indicate such (i.e., yes or no). This technique is not very reliable because users often do not want to take the time to click a button and risk being taken to some other page.

The solution is to -- instead of offering a single button for various navigation functions -- provide dual navigation buttons. One button of each pair signifies user satisfaction with a previous search or navigation (i.e., the user experiences successful search results). The other button of the pair signifies dissatisfaction and giving up or trying something new. This has two benefits. The user has the opportunity to provide feedback and websites can receive information from the browser about user preferences. This information can be used to improve the quality of searches, the informational content of web pages, and the descriptions of links on web pages.

The system provides dual navigation buttons on the browser screen or touch screen for the following functions:

• Close window

• Close tab...