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Dying gasp communication for smart device. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000233993D
Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2014-Jan-06
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When a device runs out of power, it simply quits, with no warning given to anything or anyone else connected to the device. Existing solutions offer warnings to the user regarding remaining battery, but it is up to the user to forewarn others' of impending shutdown.

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Dying gasp communication for smart device

This invention proactively sends a communication to other connected devices notifying them of impending shutdown due to low battery condition. For example, if chatting online, instant messaging or sending sms and very low battery condition is detected, then a message forewarning that the user could drop out of conversation could be sent. The message wording could be configurable, but would be prepopulated. The message could also be an icon or text treatment (blinking, italic, colored, etc.). The choice to send such a message or not could be configurable, but would have a default behavior. The decision point on when and how often to issue the message could also be configurable, but would also have default behavior. The concept is to offer a graceful farewell rather than simply going silent. Further, it automates the dialog such that the user can spend their precious communication on more important communiques rather than having to say or type, "My battery is dying, so if I drop out, that is why". Specific contacts could also be used as a filter for this behavior. The window of time that covers this activity could also be adjustable (i.e. send SMS messages to certain contacts from last hour, 30mins, etc).

This invention could be expanded to acknowledge many types of connections jeopardized by low battery shutdown. For example, a phone could issue the "dying gasp" sms to the phone number to which a telephony connection is i...