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View application by mobile device movement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234001D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-07

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This article provides a system and method of viewing application by moving mobile device. This system and method not only works for 2D application, but also for 3D application. For 2D application, moving device horizontally, different part of the application is displayed; moving device vertically, application is zoomed in and zoomed out. For 3D application, rotate/move forward backward/change angle of the device, different view is displayed.

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View application by mobile device movement


Because of the limited screen size and resolution, the mobile device users need to constantly drag the application to different directions in order to see the content not in the display scope of the device when using certain applications(Typical example, the Map). It's not good user experience and make finger tired, especially when singly handing the device.

Accelerometer technology is a mature technology which is able to to detect mobile device movement(horizontally and vertically). This invention leverages this technology to defect mobile device's movement and displays related content of the application based on device's movement.


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Figure 1

As showed in figure 1, user is searching on map. He need to drag the application to different directions in order to view the content not in the display scope of the device. Disadvantages:

1. Hard to achieve this by single hand, user will have to use two hands

2. Make finger tired by drag here and there

1. Enable the mode(View application by mobile device movement)

Illustration on how this invention works:


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Figure 2

See figure 2, user double clicks the screen (or other trigger actions, no limited, such as long press a key etc.) to make the center point of current display (scope) as the reference center coordinates, most like throw a pin and nailed the map.

Note: The enabling/disabling of this new function in this disclosure can use other ways

2. View different part of the application by move device horizontally.


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Figure 3

See Figure 3, move the mobile device itself horizontally in different directions to influence and change the application view display scope.

3. Zoom in/out application by moving device vertically.


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Figure 4

See figure 4, b...