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System to securely delete files in a virtualized environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234009D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-07
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Disclosed is a method to delete files contained within virtual images

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System to securely delete files in a virtualized environment

There are instances where users want to delete files securely and have feedback that the file is actually deleted. This is pretty simple with tools like PGP* or other disk wiping tools. The problem is these tools only work at the OS level and are not aware of remnants of the files they may exists in a virtual environment, including copies of the file may still exists within snapshots and other copies of the image.

Disclosed is a method to delete certain files on an image, clones of that image, as well as snapshots. This system provides a method to securely delete the file within an infrastructure as a service configuration resulting in the file being removed from all images, clones, and snapshots.

A user places a sensitive file on a running image. As part of placing the file on the virtual machine, the user marks this file for tracking.

Each cloud infrastructure system has an agent or share service to gather information for files that are tracked.

The special file is tracked and matched to the image or instance and associating hypervisor storage pool. If any copies of the image are made the file is tracked on those copies, including snapshots or cloned images including instances launched from the clones.

When the user asks to securely delete a file a deletion agent/service proceeds to remove file from each place it's been stored in a virtual infrastructure.

When the file is partially wiped in the syste...