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Automatic recognition of missing signatures for upgraded software products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234030D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-08
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The article describes methods of monitoring software updates in IT environment and eliminating software discovery issues after software upgrades within the environment. Additionally provides description of the process which ensures environment integrity and clarity by recognizing new releases and leftovers after software uninstallation for License Compliance purposes.

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Automatic recognition of missing signatures for upgraded software products

Current solutions for Software Asset Management depend on manual human work to achieve high quality software catalog that can be used for software recognition.

Discovery depends on the catalog that needs to be frequently updated with signatures for all new versions/releases of the software. Often new software updates are released before software catalog is updated in the SAM solution and discovery is impacted by missing signatures.

Disclosed idea describes method of monitoring software updates in environment and semi-automatic generation of high quality catalog for applications which signature is no longer working after the upgrade.

Disclosed idea is to monitor discovery results returning from a Software Asset Management (SAM) solution.

If software is not recognized anymore then analyze last known place where signature existed. Based on the gathered information recognize if the software product was uninstalled or upgraded.

If software was upgraded new signature proposals will be suggested based on the content of previous product version signatures and currently existing product files/registries.

Proposed solution allows to extend a software catalog with minimal manual effort with new signatures based on environment data. This allows to increase software inventory quality by suggesting new high quality signatures and to ensure that the environment is free of uninstall left overs.

Disclosed idea is a feature for software asset management systems and it can be implemented as extension for SAM agent and server.

This solution would be triggered when SAM server recognizes that software product release is no longer discovered (based on comparison between previous and current scan results).

First, server checks if new version of the software was discovered, if new version of the same software was discovered, it is classified as upgrade with correct disco...