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Undo/redo operations history for other object data & other non-undo geosciences user interface usages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234092D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-10
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This relates to the use of undo/redo history of operations in a geosciences software application—namely, beyond the object for which it was originally associated, to other objects. In addition, this applies to the user-directed use of the undo/redo operations history or part of it to other user interface components of a geosciences software application in order to extend the application beyond a geoscientist’s use as object undo/redo—for example, a quick tips or comment user interface component for commentary-driving through new workflows in the application, for reporting bugs, or for performing automated testing.

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One aspect is an enhanced operations user interface that forms the basis of an undo/redo history representation, but that is not specifically targeted for undo/redo operations but rather for the purposes of performing operations on other objects in a geoscience software application. These operations associated with the undo/redo history stack include but are not exclusive to:

·         copy/paste of selective operations from the undo/redo stack performed on one geosciences object or object group to another (an alternative to selective copy/paste of an existing object)

·         add a comment  (in any of a number of forms, such as video, audio, rich text, pointers, and such) to the operation in the undo/redo history representation for the purposes of using this contextual information later within the same software application and other graphical user interface (GUI) components

·         import, export, and save the operation history or part of it associated with undo/redo from one geoscience model shown in the geosciences application to another, even a blank one

·         adding custom filters to the undo/redo stack, such as, but not limited to,

o    the current selection of an object or objects in the geosciences application

o    user type-ahead in the history stack user interface itself

o    a uniquely geosciences model element such as a “branch” in an oil and gas production network model or a “fluid” associated with particular well for which an operation was performed

o    a domain object task type,  such as a “network simulation” task associated with the entire production network model, or a “nodal analysis” task associated with a specific network object such as well,

o    a domain object command within a task type, such as a command within a nodal analysis operat...