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Comment Field for Graphical Programming Languages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234116D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-13
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Described is a method of selectively commenting out sections of a graphical representation of a design that supports computer simulation of the design. The method allows defining a 'comment out' area with a polygon, adding parameters to the defined area to provide added control for conditional simulation, and automatic features to hide or remove commented out sections.

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Comment Field for Graphical Programming Languages

Disclosed are features that can be added to an existing construct where certain regions of a graphical programming language are marked to be ignored in subsequent steps. The features described in this method allow for design, implementation, and simulation of a graphically represented design in a more efficient and easy to manage manner.

    Feature 1. The user should be able to toggle between hiding and revealing the commented regions to remove clutter and improve clarity. Additionally, it is likely that the commented regions are no longer useful upon completion of the program development and, therefore, a method should exist that would delete the contents of those regions prior to final release of the graphical program.

    Feature 2. Multiple regions could be defined such that they could be enabled and disabled dynamically, allowing a single processing step to use different parts of the graphical language. A parameter would be associated with the region specifying when they should be ignored and when they should be valid. A prime example of a graphical programming language is the design of an electronic circuit using a schematic representation of logic devices. After creating a schematic, a circuit designer typically simulates the circuit to determine the performance and timing characteristics. A construct similar to the comment field could be created that, instead of ignoring the enclosed circuit entirely, enables or...