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Method and Apparatus for Creating Geometrically Uniform Solder Connection Profile

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234118D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-13
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Described is a method and apparatus to increase the speed and quality of small application solder processes.

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Method and Apparatus for Creating Geometrically Uniform Solder Connection Profile

This invention relates to the hand soldering of wires to small-size features on electronic devices;

i.e., motherboards. One of the largest problems inherent to hand soldering of components is the potential for error. Hand soldering is currently accomplished by obtaining a bead of metal at the tip of a soldering instrument, then touching it to the desired point. It requires great dexterity to accomplish, thus carrying a high potential for error.

    Instruments currently exist which can automatically solder a ball grid to a CPU, thereby enabling precise metal deposition. The disadvantage of this concept is that it must be used for multiple solder points at once, rendering it unusable for "one-at-a-time" placement of solder points. Further, instruments exist which can finely control the pitch and placement of solder droplets in the squeeze and wave soldering methods. However, these instruments do not apply to the application of wires using cartridge methods, and they do not explicitly assist in the application of a wire.

    One subject of the invention is to provide for the application of a wire to a solder bead on an electronic substrate by holding the wire into the controlled area in which the solder shall be applied and removing the mold once the solder has hardened. Figures 1 and 2 show a weld application system constructed in accordance with the invention, comprising a mold 1 which accepts a wire 2 of specific gauge and is held to a substrate 3. In a cross-sectional diagram of the mold 1, it is shaped like a trapezoid, with a cutout in the...