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Reordering promotional emails based on GPS location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234126D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-13
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Disclosed is a method for email systems to auto-rearrange unused, valid promotional email to the top of the inbox based on information provided by Global Positioning System data. This method enhances the user's shopping experience by allowing the email application to assist in quickly locating relevant coupons while the user browses the store or is standing at the checkout line.

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Reordering promotional emails based on GPS location

Electronic coupons eliminate the hassle of carrying paper coupons while shopping but coupons sent over email clutter up a user's inbox and can be hard to find. Disclosed is a method to dynamically reorganize the relevant promotional emails to the top of a user's inbox based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) data for the device hosting the email application. An advantage of using the disclosed method is the ease of searching for valid coupons that can be used at a store as indicated by the GPS data. Reducing search time for emails also helps in reducing battery power and wifi bandwidth, not to mention user's frustration.

The following outlines the steps taken to rearrange promotional emails based on the current location and the category of the promotional email.

1) Detect GPS location of the store the user walks into based on the GPS co-ordinates of the users mobile device.

2) Using the GPS location, determine the store name or groups of stores near the GPS location.

3) Map the store name(s) to the promotional emails in the users email inbox based on the following: - Keywords from the email are extracted to determine the item(s) that the promotional email corresponds to. - Mapping of store name to the email using store name as keyword in the search of the promotional emails. - Mapping is also done by correlating goods sold in a store with the category of the items in the promotional email.

4) Reorganize the...