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System and method for unobtrusive control of a phone in your pocket Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234128D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-13
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We often find ourselves at events or in meetings, and do not realize that we have forgotten to mute our cell phones until they start ringing. All eyes quickly turn towards the disruptive ringing, which serves no purpose other than to make the phone's owner fumble while attempting to get the phone out to silence it. This disclosure describes a system to address this problem.

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System and method for unobtrusive control of a phone in your pocket

Disclosed is a system combining hand- or wrist-worn jewelry, augmented with a near-field communication (NFC) device like a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, with a smart phone or similar device augmented with multiple NFC receptors. This combination provides a system whereby the smart device can be silenced by gesturing in proximity of the device without needing to remove the device from the user's pocket, purse, backpack, and so on.

The user wears a piece of jewelry, This piece of jewelry has a small electronically detectable tag on it, such as an RFID tag. The digital device has several RFID readers embedded in it. These RFID readers are used to detect the presence of and through triangulation, track the motion of the digital jewelry. In doing so, the smart device can recognize gestures without the user needing to remove the device from its current location. These gestures can then be used to control the device, for example, to silence ringing, to adjust the volume, and so on.

Digital jewelry (watch, ring, bracelet) has an RFID tag or other similar wirelessly readable chip embedded in it and possibly an indicator light emitting diode (LED). The jewelry is paired with a smart phone that has at least three wireless sensors mounted that can detect the jewelry device.

Under normal operation, the jewelry and the phone do not interact, but in some well-defined states, such as when the phon...