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Smart control algorithm of CFF Battery back bank

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234130D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-14
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Disclosed is a battery backup bank control algorithm of Sever applications.

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Smart control algorithm of CFF Battery back bank


- The existing server design doesn't support battery pack like the laptop for data integrity when lost AC power.

- Even though in datacenter, use can use UPS as the back for server, but UPS need more space, higher cost and low efficiency.


- The old battery technology, the battery capacity not able meet with the requirement of real application.

- And also the dimension and weight of battery not able fit high density dimension.

- Especially, it is very difficult to maintain a flat output voltage during discharge.

- The life of battery and charge/discharge cycle, does need be replaced for every 5 years.

- Even thought the UPS is more expensive and low efficiency but no any new solution can replace the UPS in datacenter.

Big Idea:

- New battery of Li-lon can support the kind of application on server but still not able to provide the sufficiency current for sever.

- The key for this application is system CPU/MEM/GPGPU need be throttled when AC loss to limit the current of server during run time.

- To support plug & play and no need have FW change, in our design we will build in MCU for power policy and throttling control.

- Due to we have MCU embedded on the battery pack, so, we can have data log for battery pack also, not like traditional battery pack which have protect board and gas gauge only.



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- Using throttling mechanism to support the application of...