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A Method to Automatically Switch Profile in Clients of Multi-point Login System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234136D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-14
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This invention provides one method and mechanism to enable the Automatic Switch Profile in Clients of Multi-point Login System through the analysis on the location information, the predefined or customized rules. It provides the profile updating engine to support the profile synchronization on all clients when one client's location is changed. The predefined and customized rules are used to determine profile details for each clients based on location of each clients. The Decision Analyzer is provided to analyze the rules which are used for handle the profile information from the differenct clients. The change of profile of each client will trigger the Profile Manager to push the notification to other clients. The Push Adapter is provided to adapt the different client.

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A Method to Automatically Switch Profile in Clients of Multi

A Method to Automatically Switch Profile in Clients of Multi-

Problem addressed by this invention:

In multi-point login system, eg: instance message application, there is a problem for duplicated notification. For collaboration software that provides both mobile and PC client, it does not tell which client user is currently work with. All messages are sent to both PC and mobile device in the same time. Users are promoted for the same new message on both mobile and PC.

The traditional solution to this problem is to setup deliver priority. The PC client status outweigh the mobile client status if both clients are online. It can not switch status when user leaves PC client temporarily. For example, when user leave office for lunch, the message can not be sent to mobile without changing status on PC manually.

Core Idea in this invention

Change all clients profile in multi-point login system when one of client location status changed. When location of one client is changed, it upload the new location to server, which keep tracking location of all devices for clients. The server can switch profile automatically on all clients according to pre-defined rules for locations. For instance, an user has client on two devices: a mobile phone come with user, and a PC in office. When both devices stay in the same location, the server knows user is in office, and could switch PC client profile to "Active", and mobile client to "Quiet". When the user go to cafeteria for lunch, server can switch PC client profile to "Locked", and mobile to "Active", because the location of mobile client is different with the one on PC.

This invent...