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Method and system for collecting and managing information for secured wifi connection

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234138D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-14

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This article present a safe connection system, to build a trust - model by maintaining a whitelist system. This system can prevent user from wrong connected to an in-secured hot spot. The system contains an End-user client, a whitelist server and whitelist client. Whitelist server deals with the analyse of hot-spot,score for the trusted hot spot and output in the whitelist,sends a latest whitelist to whitelist client, collects user auditlogs from end-user and then update the list. The user may send out a signal when he want to connect to the hot spot and fetch the whitelist from server. This that case, it will lessen the risk by end-user to connect to a in-secured hot spot.

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Method and system for collecting and managing information for secured wifi connection

Problem: Safe connection to wifi hotspots in public sites. anti-virus softwares can help stop the attacks from the unsafe hotspots after the physical connetion with the hotspot. While they cannot identify the risk before connection. This drawback calls for an additional solution required. And for proactively identifying the potential risk before connecting to the wifi, there is no existing solutions. This invention proposes a novel mechanism and system for collecting the reliability information of wifi hotspots that are widely spead among public sites. The main advantage is evluating the risk before connecting the spot.


Method and Apparatus Detail

The client running on hotspot router, will execute security scan to the WLAN and monitor the potential risks for all the devices which have been connected to this hotspot.Once a security risk has been monitored,it will report to server directly and running the process to kill the virus.At the same time,server continuous monitoring and updating the whitelist timely.


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The user only need to get the whitelist from server,and decide a secure hotspot to login. Meanwhile, after he is connected to this hotspot, he is encouraged to share the local auditlogs to the server, helping server analyse more specifically about this network and provide a more accurate whitelist for the other users.

A whitelist is a creditable secure hotspots list, containing all the trusted hotspot, grouped by the hotspot location. It can be either hotspots list for a chain restaurants, or the registered hotspots and the other hotspots in the registered area.

Each entry in the list is scored by weighting the factor that indicates its safety level, eg. how many attack has been listened from the hotspot, analyse the kind of the attack,judge if it is a registered hostspot by a named owner, etc.

Calculate risk

Server will use the scoring algorithm,to score for each recorded hotspots,and score for each hotspot by its potential risk, ordered by total risk score.

By those scores between 0.5 to 1.0, mark as high risk hotspot,and do not suggest user to login.

By those scores between 0.1 to 0.49, mark as moderate risk hotspot,remind user for the potential risk.

By those scores less than 0.1, mark as safe.


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Process 1 - Fetch whitelist


When a request is send from user,prompting secure information of a specific hotspot from the white list:
When user named Tom is at a coffee shop need to connect to a local hotspot,he use his 3G connect to the internet,open the software


Tom send a signal to server side to get the whitelist along with the his current location.


Server received the request,and Tom's location information,analyse that to find the hotspots which are in the whitelist.


Server prompt the hotspots back to Tom


Tom choose a secure hotspot to connect



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