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Method and apparatus of auto-measure sales opportunities status Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234140D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-14
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In sales pipeline management system, it is important to effectively allocate and rebalance salesforce's efforts which requries not only to predict if an ongoing opportunity will win or not, but also to estimate the wining probability over the time period. This disclosure proposes a method for estimating the wining likelihood at any given time point, which enables the rebalancing sales's workload by optimize his working agenda such that it better align with the dynamics of the ongoing sales opportunities.

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Method and apparatus of auto

Method and apparatus of auto-

--measure sales opportunities status

measure sales opportunities status

Field of invention: Smarter workforce & Sales science. The invention provides a novel method & apparatus to automatically provide the sales opportunity level fine-grained win likelihood prediction, and provide a predictability metrics in the meanwhile.


- Input: the sales data

- Train a winning time regression model

- Using Area Under Curve of the Receiver Operation Characteristic Curve as cost function to train the model

- Middle ouput: for every opportunity, there are a probability to win and a time when to win

- Output: Present the status of the pipeline system and show the pipeline gap and pipeline quality

Prediction method with time parameter and probibility h(t)= h0(t)exp(β1x1+β2x2+…+βpxp)

decision function, x features, p number features, β ratio

With h(t) as the cost function, O all the opportunies, O+ the number of opportunies win from time t to t+ t

Revene computing

Present Expected Revenue:
-opportunity revenue*opportunity probability ( time now)

Project Revenue
-opportunity revenue*opportunity probability ( time t, next quarter week one) Target Revenue
-history factor*quota



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Rebalancing sales workload by predictive modeling


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Claim Points

Method and apparatus of auto-measure sales opportunities status
-Wining time regression problem and know w...