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A Collaborative Software Solution for Virtual Project Team in Multiple Timezones Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234141D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-14
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The disclosure describes a new collaborative software solution with "hand-over" as key feature to address the communication issues with virtual project team in multiple time zones; the solution fixed communications problems and improved team performance via a new task management model.

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A Collaborative Software Solution for Virtual Project Team in Multiple Timezones


Cloud has been popular for years, and Enterprises are more likely starting to deploy Cloud IT Infrastructure. So gradually we need to redesign or re-structure the software solutions and applications to get them work over Cloud.

Nowadays social software becomes hot and popular, people correspondingly start to implement this kind of software solution for enterprise use. But it is not most efficient to just move our software solution from traditional environment into a cloud style environment and get them work to follow the trends of Cloud and Social Software; instead we do need to reinvent our software solutions to address some common and frequently-happening situations.

A case in point is going like this. A virtual project team has sub-teams located in different countries or cities, and different time zones. All sub-teams work on the same projects, but location and time zone barriers make interactive communication very hard and almost impossible. And team members in different sub-teams have overlaps in skill sets. So here task management and communication are going to be big challenges for the whole project team.


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and we can see below challenge.


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Challenges and problems:

For a big world wide team working on a single project with members distributed in multiple locations and different time zones, we can see lots of challenges and problems in project management, team communications and execution efficiency.

Project manager is a Key role, but 90% of his work is communication.

Project manager does not know too much technical but sometimes technical does matter for project success.

Project manager's poor performance makes a single key point of failure.

Other resources dominate the project team, but their performance and potential better performance are largely restricted by the project manager role.

Information islands are bad to the team performance.

Communications inside team become complicated with team scales up.

A stable and high-performing team need efficient collaborative software tools

How to get team perform autonomously in the execution phase is key to project success

Known solutions and the drawbacks:

Some online document editor and view software

Traditional mail server and client solutions


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Common team collaboration tools using one time task assignment solution

Common social software using webservice

They focus on automation of business process and operation flow; and more like a review / v...