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Method and System for recovering kinetic car energy during braking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234145D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-14
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Method and system to retrieve kinetic energy

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Method and System for recovering kinetic car energy during braking

One of the main issues in the energy field is the avoiding of energy dissipation. For example, in moving vehicles, energy transforms itself from kinetic to heat when braking and this form of energy is usually lost in the environment.

This article introduce a new method to recover part of the kinetic energy a moving car has and transform it in electrical one to be reused in a normal city grid electrical power system.

It is based on a a mechanical system like a conveyor belt in proximity of a crossing light or any place where vehicles are supposed to slow or stop and a computer system that controls the conveyor belt velocity.

The conveyor belt is embedded in the asphalt (or similar) and is aligned to the street level. The conveyor belt is connected to an electrical power generator like a dynamo to produce energy when a vehicle brakes on it. When a vehicle approximates to a cross where the system is installed, it starts to brake while passing on the system itself. This will activate the conveyor belt that , in turn, will transform the kinetic energy of the vehicle , to electrical power.

The main advantages for this method are:
No changes to current vehicles design are required

The system described in this article is composed by the following components:
A conveyor belt placed in the proximity of the area where the vehicle must reduce its speed (for ex. An intersection, a traffic light area, a pedestri...