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Supplier Quality Impact Identification, Tracking and Communication Methodology to Improve Client (Product) experience Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234150D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-14
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The following describes a unique method for capturing and communicating Supplier Quality Impacts to IBM and IBM Clients. This ensures improved quality of IBM Products through elimination of poor performing Suppliers and/or driving meaningful improvements in Supplier Quality Performance. The end result is improvement in Client Satisfaction

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Supplier Quality Impact Identification , Tracking and Communication Methodology to Improve Client (Product) experience

Supplier Quality has a direct and significant impact, both positive and negative, on IBM* and IBM Client Product Experience. This process invention proactively identifies Suppliers who have had a negative impact on IBM and IBM Client Experience and requires a proactive Cross Functional (Procurement, Engineering, Development) preview of a Negative Impacting Supplier prior to inclusion in any new business evaluation (Request for Quote) or new part number release.

Negative Supplier Impacts to IBM Manufacturing Assembly and Client (Field) Performance are

collected and categorized by degree of impact. A Yellow Impact is an Impact that significantly affects IBM and/or our Clients and consists of one to two medium problems believed to be one-off process escapes. A Yellow Impact can be segregated at IBM Manufacturing or affected Clients and has an identified root cause and corrective action in place. A Red Impact is a Major Impact(s) affecting IBM and/or Clients and affects manufacturing or field on a larger scale. A Red Impact is one Major and/or Multiple problems indicating poor Supplier Quality Management System. A Red Impact can also be defined as a Pervasive Manufacturing or Field Impact: Very large group of Manufacturing Sites and/or Clients affected and at the time of recording has No Root Cause / Corrective Action Plan in place or existing plan not showing improvement. A Red Supplier requires pre approval from Procurement, Engineering and Development prior to being considered for any future business (RFQ) or release of a new part number. This ensures a thorough and comprehensive review of the existing problem, root cause, corrective and preventative action verification prior to allowing parts from this Supplier to be included in any future IBM Products. Thus, protecting both IBM Manufacturing and Clients from potential future Quality Im...