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Method to enable soft keyboard during phone call Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234556D
Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2014-Jan-17
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When using a phone, the user must turn on the soft keyboard at inopportune times. The user can turn on the soft keypad at the beginning of a call, or turn it on when needed. But, this can be problematic since it requires multiple steps (login, activate phone app, press keypad button) and the user must go to the phone "status" screen to press keys.

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Method to enable soft keyboard during phone call

  This idea parses voice input during a call, and will identify when key presses are needed from the user. For example, during a cell phone call, listen for "Push 1 for this, Push 2 for that" and enable the correct soft keyboard/keypad based on the input. This could be a numeric keypad for "Push 1, 2, etc", or an alpha keyboard for "Enter your name, email, etc". The keyboard may automatically be enabled anytime an automated system is detected instead of a real human being.